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Petal Miller is the Founder of Women Celebrating Women, a networking forum for women to encourage, elevate, educate, empower and celebrate each other. The forum provides the platform for women to share their learning and expertise; strengthen each other through their experiences and challenges; capitalise on career and business opportunities; build unbelievable personal connections; be in the company of great women – their energy and dynamism and most importantly, celebrate and recognise each other’s uniqueness, differences as well as achievements! Women Celebrating Women provides a mix of inspiration, learning, networking and opportunities. The aim is to raise the bar in order to inspire women that attend our events to progress further in their own professional and personal lives.

Petal specialises in re-igniting the passion in individuals and businesses. She brings life to the workplace. She is a dynamic speaker who gets her ideas and the message across with simplicity, clarity and passion. An intriguing combination of humour and charm makes Petal an outstanding presenter. She has become well known for her sound practical approach to training. Petal regularly receives high praise from participants for her refreshing, thought provoking and informative delivery. Delegates have fed back that she makes routine and boring subjects interesting and fun! You will appreciate her innovative and participatory techniques that produce immediate gains in your personal productivity and learning.






On the 11th March 2011 over 100 women came together to celebrate International Women’s Centenary 1911 – 2011 Event.  Entitled ‘Women Celebrating Women’, is the first of many that will bring women together to encourage, elevate, educate, empower and celebrate each other.


There was an excitement of anticipated expectation and energy in the air from 10:00am when the programme commenced, which lasted right through to the close at 9:00pm.  The event kicked off with women networking, followed by seminars on – Health & Well Being, Self Management and also Business Marketing. Women were together for the networking lunch and business owners, both men and women, showcased their products and services.


The evening ended on a high with the ‘Unsung Women’s Award and Grand Finale’.


Six awards were presented to women in the following categories:

  • Rev Amy Rose Powell MBE – Women in Faith
  • Jan Owbridge – Women in Management
  • Helen Watt – Women in Arts
  • Edwina Momoh – Women in Youth
  • Shakira Sayed – Women in Community
  • Sheila Marshall – Women in Media


The conference room was overflowing with women and men.  Throughout the day there was a constant hive of activity as well as productivity.


Don’t take our word for it, hear from those who attended! 


  • Petal just to say thank you so much for inviting me I had a great day and met some super people who I was inspired by.
  • Well done to you and the team that put this on….I can only say more!!

Doreen Henry – 15th March 2011


  • I just could not wait to get home boot up the computer to say A BIG THANK YOU Petal, Lystra and Sharon for an inspirational blessed evening.
  • Truly an awesome time sharing and fellowshipping with all these empowering women.
  • I agree that we need more of these Networking Events, and one that should be shared with everyone we meet.Vernica


  • Thank both you and Sister Sharon for a very informative and interesting evening.
  • The passion of each person I met. Very open and friendly.
  • I “REALLY” can do it.
  • Please keep me on your mailing list for future events.

Lorraine Hylton-Hope, CEO


  • Just to say thanks once again for an inspirational evening … so much so that I shared some of things with Cathy who in turn shared it with the Church members on Sunday!!!




  • It was very motivating and wonderful to connect (network) with great women.
  • There is nothing impossible.  Whatever you put your mind to do, you can do it. Just Do It!!
  • It gave me good ideas to use in my life and business.


  • It was about women and their business (or women wanting to become their own boss)
  • Everything was well done, organized, and informative.
  • I will be gathering information with a view to starting my own business

S. Wright


  • Great atmosphere!
  • We should continue to celebrate women.

Jan Owbridge, Executive Vice President, Genistar


  • Good to welcome the men, but still keep the women’s ethos – very skilled.
  • Great to have different kinds of women all together – ages, races, religions – it’s hard but you were very successful without drawing attention to it.

C. Robertson


  • Just an excellent session, hope to attend many more.

Michelle Porter, Good Faith Design Print


  • Very uplifting and encouraging, I wish I had come for the whole day.
  • The importance of networking. To value myself more and look for creative ideas for the future.

H. Clancy


  • The fact that women could come together and celebrate & inspire one another.
  • That I can use my God given abilities to make a difference in my community.
  • To look for ways of developing myself further.

C. Egekun


  • It was an excellent event to encourage women by women.
  • An excellent concept that happened with the idea of “just do it”.

S. Sayyed


  • The true facts of real life being spoken by real people.
  • To believe that I can achieve anything in this life so long as I have breath to speak and a heart to live.
  • I will apply every inspiring word and words within my life from this minute, as this pen is writing these words.  I will also be passing the message on.

S. Barker


  • Meeting such interesting people and hearing their stories.

H. Watt





This is the best training I have had in a long time.  Very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.  Really enjoyed today’s training.

Sonia Banhan



Exceeded my expectations.  Very Good.  Lots of group and individual exercises.  Think that the course should be for most staff.

Jenny Mutesi, London Borough of Bromley, Youth Offending Team



The training, trainer and delivery was fantastic. Information covered gave my brain a thorough workout with plenty to think about and put into practice.

Yvette Augustine, London Borough of Lewisham Community Services



Very useful techniques communicated in planning workload and prioritising work.  Engaging and learning from group exercises.  Stripping theory and helped me to reflect on my practice.  Also helped me to examine my strengths and weaknesses.

Joan King, London Borough of Hackney Community Service Directorate



Petal is very friendly to help us to learn. The best course which I’ve been here at Civic Centre. Perfect! Petal is very clever and funny! 10 out of 10!

Aline Guerios, Carers Bromley