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The Mirror Challenge



The workshop will explore The MIRROR Challenge Programme™ developed by PLM Development Services. Where are you now in your career and life in general? The key to life is management. How are you managing your career and life?


Topics covered include:

  • The MIRROR Challenge is a self development and management tool which provides a structure for individuals to think, plan and take action for the future. Remember: Think, Ink, Plan, Do and Review!
  •  Analysed their skills, abilities, competences, knowledge and experiences.
  • Identified a range of development activities, strategies, routes and opportunities to support and manage their personal and career development/skills.
  • It aims to assist individuals in making informed choices, decisions and embrace change.
  • Taking action to develop themselves and their careers, proactively.
  • The MIRROR Challenge provides practical advice on moving on and getting ahead in your career and life in general.

The more you look in the mirror, the more you will find out about yourself.

So, here’s to looking in the Mirror, taking action, making those changes and taking those opportunities!

‘The power of The MIRROR Challenge lies in its simplicity’.
Noel Brown, Manager







I was intrigued by the MIRROR challenge as I was not familiar with this development tool.  My initial assumption was that I would be holding up a metaphorical “mirror” to myself to determine what the reflection of my career was so that I could commence a strategy to develop my vocational aspirations.  My assumption was far too vague.  The key action for the MIRROR challenge was “I dare you to…….!”  Doing nothing was not an option in the session or in the examination of your aspirations.


The MIRROR challenge offered us a simple and effective personal development tool to focus our self conversations about our own respective futures.  The session broke down the MIRROR acronym to explain M = mirror, I = Image, R = Reflect, R = Respond,  O = Opportunities, R = Result.  Petal  went through the interpretation of each in order to fix this acronym in our psyche so we can call on it as and when we need it whether for ourselves or to use with others.  So the MIRROR Challenge helped us to reflect on the self reflection and galvanised us into action.


Angela Servais, Manager

November  2008


‘The power of the MIRROR Challenge, lies in its simplicity’


Noel Brown, Manager

April 2009


The session captured my attention from start to finish.  Honestly, I cannot fault it.  The material, the interaction with others was second to none.  I have attended several placement seminars through my past employment and the Mirror Challenge, in its simplicity but very challenging, definitely encourages and brings to the forefront what and how we are to take stock of our lives and futures.  It has enabled me to open my mind’s eyes going forward and to things that are dormant in my life!  I suppose I can relate this in a way to when employers conduct appraisals, which requires you to set goals and objectives (I have always struggled with appraisals but after attending the Mirror Challenge I recognise that there is MORE to Roslyn).  I am inspired.


Roslyn Jerome

April 2009


“A great workshop with a nice balance, I found it to be really interactive, promoted discussion, participative which aided learning, gave food for thought, and was interesting and informative. A very useful day that was good in content.


Petal has a unique style to keep everyone interested and made it a very worthwhile session with practical guidance and left me enlightened and motivated.”


Lea Walker, Administrator

April 2009




I attended this training course at the Social Enterprise Coalition conference and I was really challenged and motivated. Firstly, I have never heard Business Planning explained in such a way, as apart from examining what my strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats are, it also caused me to think about my life with reference to what I was doing and examine how to succeed and what measurements needed to be in place. What do I see when I look in the mirror? Or like the woman who was talking, am I of the opinion that they don’t even make good mirrors anymore?  I was really motivated and the Challenge made me even more determined to succeed.


Thank you Petal for an inspiring time!


Shola Lana, Social Enterprise Manager

October 2009



This course gets you thinking. It was motivating and showed ways of improving myself. I will try to achieve more things that are tangible and visible and that will help clients.


Lukas Deiedek

January 2010





This is the best training I have had in a long time.  Very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.  Really enjoyed today’s training.

Sonia Banhan



Exceeded my expectations.  Very Good.  Lots of group and individual exercises.  Think that the course should be for most staff.

Jenny Mutesi, London Borough of Bromley, Youth Offending Team



The training, trainer and delivery was fantastic. Information covered gave my brain a thorough workout with plenty to think about and put into practice.

Yvette Augustine, London Borough of Lewisham Community Services



Very useful techniques communicated in planning workload and prioritising work.  Engaging and learning from group exercises.  Stripping theory and helped me to reflect on my practice.  Also helped me to examine my strengths and weaknesses.

Joan King, London Borough of Hackney Community Service Directorate



Petal is very friendly to help us to learn. The best course which I’ve been here at Civic Centre. Perfect! Petal is very clever and funny! 10 out of 10!

Aline Guerios, Carers Bromley