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Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Petal L. Miller and I am passionate about helping people excel, pursuing their goals and dreams, living and leading more fulfilling lives. Everything that I do is about YOU!

About Me

“The HOPE Dealer (Helping Other People Excel), passionate about developing people, empowering minds and changing lives, through the delivery of simple but profound solutions to life’s challenges.”

Who am I
I am an author and publisher of the book and self-development training programme The MIRROR Challenge™, a personal approach to coaching, designed to motivate people to look deeper inside of themselves (in the MIRROR) and identify and take positive steps to improve their situation. I am also a presenter, personal and team development coach, teacher (too many years to recall), trainer (that’s a number of years as well), facilitator and speaker, but most of all – a change maker! It’s about making amazing happen!
Please take a look around to find out how I can help you to identify, develop and achieve your goals and aspirations.
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Carpe Diem (seize the day)!


⦁ Learning, training and development consultancy

⦁ Trains and supports managers to become successful leaders and effective communicators and for companies to truly serve their customers

⦁ Designs, delivers and evaluates training programmes and courses to companies, organisations, groups and individuals based on their need

⦁ Learning, training and development programmes and courses – Soft Skills Training in Career and Personal Development, Communication, Personal Impact and Effectiveness Skills, CV Writing, Interview and Presentation Skills, Customer Services, Supervisory and People Management, Management Training and Development, Leadership Development and Training, Stress Management Training, Time Management, The MIRROR Challenge™ and Training for Trainers

⦁ Compliance training and professional Update

⦁ Online masterclasses, practical workshops and seminars

⦁ In person conferences, masterclasses, practical workshops, seminars and events

⦁ Consulting and Executive Coaching – working with individuals requiring one on one help and support and career coaching

⦁ Provides tools and techniques to nurture your personal and professional growth

⦁ PLM Extra Tuition (PLMET) offers supplementary education to children ages 4 – 16 years

⦁ PLMET offers one to one tuition to children from early years to GCSE level. Lessons are also available to children experiencing difficulty with learning as well as those needing enrichment and extension.

Career and Personal Development
The dilemma that faces individuals is to either have a career or a job. With organisations in a constant state of change, there is a realisation that there are no longer jobs for life and a steady career development is no longer an option. Many employees may need to change their careers during their lifetime.
Communication, Personal Impact and Effectiveness Skills
The ability to communicate effectively is an important business and personal skill. Communication will only be as successful as the people who are communicating. Writing is an essential skill in the work place today and not necessarily one that comes naturally.
Customer Services
Without customers the organisation would not exist. Customers are people and they need to be treated with respect and as individuals, who have a right to service provision. The vital elements of any employee’s role is providing a quality and effective service as well as responding to the changing needs of customers within limited resources.
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Programmes
The course is aimed at participants who wish to broaden their understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion issues and become more effective at work. The course will explore equality, diversity and inclusion on an organisational, team/department and individual leve
Other course titles
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Training Courses

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  • Career and Personal Development
  • Communication, Personal Impact and Effectiveness Skills
  • Customer Services
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Programmes
  • Executive Coaching
  • Supervisory and People Management
  • Management Training and Development
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Outplacement Support for staff – CV Writing, Interview and Presentation Skills
  • The MIRROR Challenge™
  • Team Building and Development
  • Training for Trainers

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