I really enjoyed the training yesterday and now I know what to do when I am required to write reports. The session was very interactive, and the discussions very useful. This was definitely a much better approach rather than just presenting a slide-deck. It really made me think of the key aspects to writing reports. The session has really been valuable to my learning and development. Thank you again! I am interested in reading your book and will be purchasing it through Amazon Kindle. You are an inspiration and I want to learn from you.

F. Ahmed

Roslyn had been feeling stuck in her job role and believed that she could not progress any further in that organisation. The MIRROR Challenge training programme gave her a simple, logical and flexible approach and toolkit to frame her ideas and decision making. The course gave her the courage to pursue a new career path and the confidence to apply and successfully gain employment.

Diana Henry

Just a short note to say thank you for yesterday. I can safely say that it's the best course I've been on for a long time! You have a great way of taking potentially boring and lengthy material and putting it in an easy to understand and interesting format.


The MIRROR Challenge
Petal, I am fascinated, how did you put this book together? Every time I read a page in the book; you are talking about me and to me. I was thinking about the very same thing. Personally, I should have read this book 10 years ago, but it’s never too late. Your book is what I need to fix things in my life! This book is changing me right now! How can you read this book, and not be transformed? When is the MIRROR Challenge 2 coming out? I need it!

E. Uwadiae
Learning and Development Practitioner

I have known Petal Miller for over 18 years in the capacity as commissioning her to design and deliver training programmes for the organisations that I have worked with. Petal was instrumental in the design, development and evaluation of Adult Social Care Training Strategy and Programme for staff and multi-agency partners from multi-cultural and diverse backgrounds. She believes in a personalised and client-based approach to training design and delivery. The courses have been informative and transformative. From observation, Petal delivers her training with her own unique, inspirational, motivational and engaging style. I have found Petal as a trainer and facilitator to be driven to getting the best out of people in the training room and beyond as well as achieving transformation in the delegates. Feedback from managers has highlighted the impact of the training on staff behaviour and work practises. Petal is skilled at matching her energy levels with those of the audiences and her approach is highly participatory in nature. She is renowned for her innovative quality of training and the high-quality consistency of her client service. Petal is known as an outstanding facilitator with an exceptional ability to energise and lead a room - whether it is delegates at a large-scale conference, or a small number of participants in an intimate master class or bite size workshops. She offers an experiential an outcome-based approach to learning and development. Petal is a published author, and her book entitled ‘The MIRROR Challenge’, provides practical advice to individuals on moving on and getting ahead in life. Petal has worked extremely well with individuals, teams, businesses and organisations to facilitate their personal and professional growth and development.
Dr J. Myers OBE
MSc, BSc (Hons), RGN, RSCN, Dip DN, PGCE, FHEA
I have known Petal in a professional and in a personal capacity since 1994. She has been a consistently reliable consultant who has worked with me on numerous assignments. A selection of assignments include:

• Management development programme black and minority ethnic managers
• Leadership development
• Equality, diversity and inclusion training
• Written communication skills
• Assertiveness training
• One to one coaching for staff facing redundancy
• Influencing and interpersonal skills

Petal is an extremely talented communicator; she has fantastic training delivery skills and delegates always find her extremely engaging and their feedback display the learning and value they achieve from attending the courses she designs as well as deliverers. I cannot recommend her highly enough as a personal effectiveness coach, mentor and trainer.
J. King
Former Day Centre Manager
Dear Petal Thank you for designing and facilitating our ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training programme with Customer Care’ as an addition. As the commissioner for the above-mentioned programme the feedback from the managers and staff was most helpful. They enjoyed attending such an informative and constructive training programme. The objectives and outcome for this programme has been successfully achieved. You have previously designed and facilitated ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training’ for our volunteers which was of the same high standard, and this has helped the volunteers on the scheme to be more effective in their role in caring for the clients on the scheme and working across multi agencies. I would also like to extend our gratitude to you for the production of the working document as a result of the ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training Programme’, which will be used as part of the organisation’s policy and procedure document.
N. Rowland
I have known Petal Miller for over 21 years. She is an excellent coach, facilitator and role model, who has made an enormous impact and difference to a number of health and social care professionals as well as the children and young people that she teaches and works with. Petal was one of the facilitators running one of the first leadership programmes I attended in 2002. She was engaging challenging and professional in all her interaction with the group. Most of us completed our course and were promoted and are doing extremely well in our professional careers as a result of Petal’s ongoing support and coaching. As a coach, she is empathic, understanding, intuitive and always created opportunities for nurses and others to develop themselves and progress along their chosen career development plan. There are many people who have benefited from her guidance. Petal is a role model for everyone who has had the opportunity to meet her regardless of which discipline they belong. She is versatile and able to work effectively with health and social care staff at all levels and backgrounds in their leadership career. Petal’s wise and intuitive advice, and coaching has directly affected and impacted my career trajectory. Under her guidance, I was promoted within nine (9) months of completing the leadership programme she facilitated to become a Nurse Consultant. She was able to draw out my skills and competences, giving me the confidence to grow and develop in my role. I am one of many people who has successfully progressed in their career as a direct result of Petal’s input. Petal is a font of wisdom and knowledge and is generous in sharing her tips and tools for developing and her book, The MIRROR Challenge, provides tremendous insights.
Dr Y. Foster